Friday, 21 August 2009

One dull job out of the way.

After a week's work, I've finished the business cards and flyers. I doubt if St Martin's will come knocking on my door on the strength of them, and I'd love to know how I can stop the images from corrupting every time I save them, but on the whole I'm pleased with them. Which is a good job because my desktop publishing enthusiasm (such as it was!) has dwindled away completely. I just need to get some name labels and size labels, and I'm done!

Tomorrow morning is earmarked as a UFO day - which translates as 'deal with the Unfinished Objects' Day. So more dull jobs, but there's something very satisfying about clearing a batch of jobs you don't want to do from the 'to do' list. Yesterday, I acquired another such job. I dyed some fabric using Dylon's Rosewood Red. I love Dylon's machine dyes - they're easy to use and come in nice clear colours that don't fade much over time. And they're reasonably cheap. I'd been dithering for a while over this Rosewood Red colour, which on the box is a dark red colour. The word "Rosewood" made me suspicious but I needed a dark red so I went for it. And this hideosity is the result. This is not red. This is brown - and a yucky rusty brown at that. Believe me, this is a very flattering photo of it... it is much uglier in real life. So now I need to get some dye-stripper (Dylon think of everything!) and try again. Probably this time with Tulip Red which is actually red, even if it isn't quite the shade I wanted.

Once I've got all that out of the way, I can get back to sewing.

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