Sunday, 16 August 2009

A productive weekend

Yesterday I gave the overlocker a work-out and it performed beautifully. Over the course of the day I completed this custom order, together with a couple of similar outfits for Laura, who is growing bottom-wise out of her RTW trousers. Her wool nappy covers are fantastic in so many ways, but they do make for a very large bottom - even my usual reliable brands can't always cope. But the two pairs of trousers I've just made should do her right up to potty training, though not beyond. It is possible to have too much nappy-ease!

When James reached this stage, I casually gave his size 86s and 92s to the charity shop, only to want them back when he came out of nappies and his size 98s slid gracefully over his pants down to his ankles. So, the charity shop will have to wait for Laura's for another couple of years.

During the day, it became clear that neither the overlocker nor the sewing machine were happy sharing a table, and nor was my back, so we had a trip to Ikea and bought a computer table for £13. I often wonder how Ikea can sell so cheaply, but am afraid to enquire - we are boycotting so many shops and brands already, I don't think I could cope with adding Ikea to the list! But my sewing room is now so comfortable I have no excuse for ignoring the growing pile of mending and UFOs. Obviously, I am not trying hard enough to find one...

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