Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Goodbyeeee, goodbyeeee....

This will be my last Tops & Tails post. Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed that the blog's title vacillates between Tops & Tails and Les Petits Anglais. I started out my business life as Tops & Tails because I made nappies and hats. Well, I no longer make nappies and Nappydashery have started a Tops & Tails shop using the Tops & Tails domain name, and now I mostly make children's clothes, with the occasional hat thrown in as the fancy takes me.

So, I am 're-branding', as I understand it is known in marketing circles. I have switched my blog posts to my new blog, Les Petits Anglais and have also opened a Misi shop under the same name. I have a currently empty Les Petits Anglais shop on Folksy and this is where I shall be selling my autumn line from. Assuming I ever actually get the autumn line done!

Soon (I use the word loosely, you will understand!) to come on Les Petits Anglais blog will be a pattern-drafting tutorial for an A-line pinafore dress, which will be part of my autumn line, and a knitting pattern for this tank-top for the digger-mad boy in your life. So it'd be great to see you over on the new blog.


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